Upcoming Committee Meetings

The Committee meets every third Wednesday at the Newstead Tennis Centre 49 Olive Street, starting at 6.00pm. Every one is welcome to come along even if you dont want a job!!!


What you think of TBUG

TBUG should keep doing more of the same, according to 97 people who completed our online TBUG survey. Key feedback included: - advocacy for better cycling facilities and organising rides are seen as the most important TBUG services; - there is strong interest in bike maintenance courses. The full survey results are available here


Green areas for bikes at the lights

New safety areas for bikes at 3 intersections around Launceston: Elphin Rd/Cypress St (Scotch College), George Town Rd/Newnham Dve and Mowbray at Beatty St. These are worldwide-accepted treatments to make it safer for cyclists at intersections. When lights are red, you move into the green box in front of cars, to give you a safe place to wait and a highly visible head start on the cars, with "wobble room" as you get going. Cars must not stop in the green box.


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For current news and events check us out on Facebook - Tamar Bicycle Users Group


Road Rules Relating To Bike Lanes

With new bike lanes and infrastructure being deployed throughout Launceston at the moment, now is a good time brush up on the rules. Below is an excerpt of some of the Road Rules specifically related to cycling. Remember to check www.thelaw.tas.gov.au for more/updat


View Our Events On A Map

In case you're new to the area or are getting lost, you can now view the location of any of our events on a map! Just visit the Calendar page and click on an event to view its details. Read more...

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TBUG membership for 2015 

Your membership helps TBUG work to improve infrastructure, safety and participation for ALL bike riders – recreational, commuter and serious road riders. There are 2 options for joining TBUG:


OPTION 1 Basic Membership (without ride insurance)

This enables you to support TBUG advocacy, promotions, website, and access member benefits but does not provide ride insurance coverage.

You can “come and try” 3 TBUG organised rides but after that you must have ride insurance to participate in TBUG organised rides.

Ride insurance is available by joining TBUG through Cycling Australia – see Option 2 below. You may also seek your own ride insurance through other organisations such as the Bicycle Network or the Launceston Mountain Bike Association.

If Option 1 Basic Membership suits your needs please complete the attached membership application form and return to TBUG.  Payment can be by cheque or direct deposit - Individual $20 or Family Membership $44 (for 3 or more people).


OPTION 2 Membership with Ride Insurance 

Join TBUG through Cycling Australia [CA] www.cycling.org.au – Adult Individual $91, Juniors (13 – 18) & over 65s $69, Kids (under 13) $25.

Select Cycling Tasmania as your state, and Tamar Bicycle Users Group as your club. Most non-racers would choose “Recreational Memberships”. 

Insurance cover is 24/7 (full information on the insurance coverage is provided on the CA website) and TBUG Basic Membership is included. 

Family membership (2 adults, 2 juniors) is available through CA for $169 but cannot be completed online. Please respond to contact@tbug.org.au for further advice on how to access CA family membership.


Organised Rides

TBUG organises a range of rides to suit all capabilities from beginners to overnight tours. For more information, see the Rides and Activities and Calendar pages.

Note that to participate in a TBUG ride you will need to be insured for that ride.  Your first three rides are insured for free. After that you need to:

  1. Have insurance through another organisation - e.g. Cycling Australia (see Option 2, above), Bicycle Network, LMBC, etc


Improved Infrastructure for Cycling and Safer Roads

We are representing commuter and recreational cyclists on council committees and working groups. We are also advising local and state government on cycling issues and providing practical advice to engineers and planners. For more information, see the Council Involvement and T-Bug History pages.


Work. Play. Ride.
Life's Better on a Bike