Green areas for bikes at the lights

New safety areas for bikes at 3 intersections around Launceston: Elphin Rd/Cypress St (Scotch College), George Town Rd/Newnham Dve and Mowbray at Beatty St. These are worldwide-accepted treatments to make it safer for cyclists at intersections. When lights are red, you move into the green box in front of cars, to give you a safe place to wait and a highly visible head start on the cars, with "wobble room" as you get going. Cars must not stop in the green box.


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Road Rules Relating To Bike Lanes

With new bike lanes and infrastructure being deployed throughout Launceston at the moment, now is a good time brush up on the rules. Below is an excerpt of some of the Road Rules specifically related to cycling. Remember to check for more/updat


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Updated Road Rules For Cyclists

On 30 November 2009 there will be some changes to the road rules for cyclists. The changes are about bicycle passengers wearing an approved helmet and using the proper seat, and for cyclists turning from, and stopping in, bicycle storage areas at intersections with traffic signals. Read more on the DIER website below.


Sally's Ride Huge Success

Sally Fletcher and the Rotary team organised a fantastic event. Apparently the number of participants (340) exceeded expectations (200-250). It was great fun. We're looking forward to doing the Tamar Valley Cycle Challenge every year!

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