Council says yes to bike strategy

The adoption of this detailed and comprehensive plan to promote bike riding was the culmination of around two years determined and effective lobbying of Council staff and councillors by TBUG mainly through the Bike and Pedestrian Committee of Council(PBC). Of course the real work is making the vision a reality. Much of this will happen via the PBC which has two places for TBUG and another for Bicycle Network. This puts us in a very good position to help build a more bike friendly city.


Upcoming Committee Meetings

The Committee meets every third Wednesday at the Newstead Tennis Centre 49 Olive Street, starting at 6.00pm. Every one is welcome to come along even if you dont want a job!!!


What you think of TBUG

TBUG should keep doing more of the same, according to 97 people who completed our online TBUG survey. Key feedback included: - advocacy for better cycling facilities and organising rides are seen as the most important TBUG services; - there is strong interest in bike maintenance courses. The full survey results are available here


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Road Rules Relating To Bike Lanes

With new bike lanes and infrastructure being deployed throughout Launceston at the moment, now is a good time brush up on the rules. Below is an excerpt of some of the Road Rules specifically related to cycling. Remember to check for more/updat


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